ClassQue Simulator


The ClassQue Simulator is a standalone program that simulates a teacher and a class of 8 students. Three students are initially signed in. When the program starts, the three student windows appear at the top of the screen and the teacher window is below.

The simulator has the following uses:
You can start the simulator in several ways.
Basically, the simulator behavies as if a server were running with one teacher and a class of 8 students consisting of recent US presidents. When the simulator starts, three students have signed in: bobama, gbush, and bclinton.

The Student List

The Student List Window can be displayed from the teacher Windows menu, just as with the ClassQue Teacher Program. The window is shown in Figure 1. The column that was labeled Remove in the teacher program is now labeled Add/Remove, and a new column labeld Hide appears. While the teacher program's main Student List Window only shows students who are currently logged in, the simulator shows these students followed by other known students. Checking the Add/Remove box for a student that is signed in removes that student, as before. Checking this box of a student that is not signed in, signs in this student and a new student window appears. For students who are signed in, checking the Hide box, hides that student window. This is useful to avoid cluttering the display with student windows. Figure 1 shows three students signed in and 5 students who are not signed in.
Figure 1: The student window with three students signed in.
Figure 1

The simulator student window has two additional menu items.

Report From Server

The Report from Server Window can be displayed from the teacher Windows menu. It brings up a window similar to the ClassQue Report Generator described here.


When the ClassQue Server is run, it generates a log file representing all activities that take place during a given session. This log file can be used to resume a session in the simulator. After the resume, the simulator will be in the same state as at the end of the session, but with only one teacher and no students signed in. The Student List can be used to sign in particular students if you want to interact as a student, but usually only the teacher window will be needed.

The main uses of playback are to look at the answers generated by students during class, and to add additional reviews and grades to these answers.

The Playback Menu can be displayed from the teacher Windows menu. It has two submenus.
Log File Naming
If you are only going to playback from logs created during an original ClassQue session and are not modifying the session, you do not need to be concerned about the naming of log files. If you make modifiactions, such as adding reviews after a playback, and you want these changes to be reflected in the ClassQue reports, it will helkp to understand the naming conventions.

A log file created by an original ClassQue session has the form:
The coursename is the name given in the server configuration and the datestring has the form:
This format guarantees that these names will be unique. When you resume such a log file and then make modifications, such as additional reviews or grading, a new log file is created. The new log file name is the same is the old one, but with a new date string appended before the extension. This file only contains the changes made after the resume, but if you do a resume from server and choose this new file, the server will include the information from the first file. Each addtional resume will create a new log file whose name has a new date string appended. This can create very long file names so it is not recommended that you nest resumes too deep.

Saving a resumed log
After a Playback from server has completed, the progress window, labeled Resume Status will hav a button labeled Save New State. Pushing this button will send the new log file back to the server. This log file will be available to the master server for use in creating reports.

Figure 2 shows a Resume From Server window for a course named fixed-cs3733. There were 5 original sessions on February 1, 2,3, 8 and 10. The February 3 session was resumed on April 12. Choosing the February 3 entry will resume the origianl session, which choosing the Paril 12 entry will resume both sessions.
Figure 2: A Resume from Server window showing multiple resume sessions.
Figure 2

The figure shows that the February 1 session was resumed several times. The May 20 entry 4th from the bottom was resumed from an April 16 sesssion which in turn was resumed from a session on April 16, which in turn was resumed from an earlier session on the same date which resumed the original February 1 session. Notice that the May 20 session that is 3rd from the bottom resumed a session from April 16.

Teachers and Assistants

The Teachers and Assistants Menu can be displayed from the teacher Windows menu. It has four submenus.
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